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In the fictional Stargate universe, the Al'kesh is a powerful Goa'uld medium-range bomber used in area bombardments of planetary surfaces.

The Al'kesh has two main weapons: two large staff cannons in a belly turret underneath the vessel, and various explosive energy devices. These explosives are the primary surface bombardment weapon and are powerful enough to penetrate and collapse the Tok'ra's underground crystal tunnels. They can also damage the hull of an unshielded Ha'tak.

Defensive systems

Surprisingly, for a ship of its size, strength, and importance, the Al'kesh has no energy shields and is therefore vulnerable to less formidable ships such as Death Gliders.

General Characteristics
Class Al'kesh
Revolving Staff Cannons
Explosive energy devices
Unknown sub-light engines

The ship's engines give it great speed and maneuverability in sub-light flight, enough to attack a Ha'tak and evade its fire. It can also enter hyperspace, unlike a Death Glider, and has more range than a Tel'tak.

Other technologies

The Al'kesh has a Ring Transporter that allows it to function as a light troop transporter, landing Jaffa from orbit. It can carry a cloaking device that makes it invisible to sensors, useful for covert missions.

The Al'kesh was primarily used by the Goa'uld to attack planetary surfaces or to land troops, although they were also used for space fights. An Al'kesh was the vessel of choice of Osiris, who kept one in orbit around the Earth while she probed Daniel Jackson's subconscious mind. The Al'kesh is also the standard vessel of the Lucian Alliance, though more powerful Alliance members have been seen to use Ha'tak motherships.