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The Beliskner class cruiser is a fictional spacecraft in the science fiction television show, Stargate SG-1. Named after the first ship of its type seen in the series, the Beliskner class is the most commonly-used type of Asgard starship.


Asgard ships are capable of very fast hyperspace travel which allow them to travel across galaxies in a matter of minutes. They utilize sophisticated cloaking devices to mask their presence from all manner of scanning devices, including radar. The ships also use the Asgard molecular teleportation technology to transfer personnel and equipment between the ship and any nearby location such as a planet's surface nearly instantaneously. Each ship has automated medical treatment systems, which includes a medical stasis pod that can be used by the ship's Asgard commander in the event of a dire emergency.
General Characteristics
Class Beliskner
Armaments Pulsed energy weapons
Defense Asgard shields
Power 4 Neutrino Ion generators
Ships of the Beliskner class are powered by a series of four neutrino ion generators, possess two rear thrusters for propulsion, and utilize a forward-mounted deceleration drive to control planetary reentry. The ships possesses a series of energy dampening fields that contain and negate the potential damage caused by internal explosions. Ships of the Beliskner class are equipped with defensive energy shield systems.

There is no quick, easy method with which to disable or destroy them. The ships mount a number of high-energy weapon systems though the Asgard typically use a single forward firing cannon. A single Asgard ship is more than a match for several standard Goa'uld Ha'tak motherships, although warships modified with Ancient technology by Anubis have been known to pose a greater threat. Asgard ships and their computer systems are particularly susceptible to Replicator infestation and takeover due to their heavy reliance on computers and automation.

Asgard Motherships carry advanced AI systems that allows them to be run by very little number of crew. Also In "Nemesis" it stated the Asgard computer onboard have something close to the effect of the Repository of the Ancients. The Computer aboard the Mothership stored all the knowledge the Asgard possess. There is no indication whether or not the Asgard themselves possess the ability to store all of their races knowledge, however when Thor was captured by Anubis with only a limited amount of time before he was confronted by the Asgard fleet he was able to siphon large amounts of knowledge from Thor's mind.

The Beliskner itself was the ship commanded by Thor, Supreme Commander of the Asgard Fleet, on his early missions to Earth. In the third season episode "Nemesis", the Beliskner was infested by Replicator bugs during a battle in Asgard space; the machines accessed the computer systems, discovering the existence of Earth, and set a course. The critically-injured Thor then disabled the ship's outbound teleporters to prevent them from escaping. Ultimately, Thor brought Colonel Jack O'Neill aboard the ship in order to destroy the vessel before the Replicators could land and infest Earth. Major Samantha Carter and Teal'c joined O'Neill on the Beliskner and were successful in destroying the ship's deceleration drive; the ship made an uncontrolled reentry and subsequently burned up in Earth's atmosphere.

The Beliskner class ship was replaced by the O'Neill class battleship as the main Asgard warship and the Daniel Jackson class starship as the Asgard science ship.