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The Daniel Jackson is an Asgard starship in the science fiction television series Stargate SG-1. It is commanded by Thor, the Supreme Commander of the Asgard fleet, and was named in honor of SG-1 member Dr. Daniel Jackson, with whom Thor has developed a friendship since they first met in 1998.


This ship is described as a science vessel and thus lacks the firepower of the O'Neill class battleship. However it is equipped with shields that protect it from most weapon fire (even from a Replicator-controlled Ha'tak) though the shields do not protect it from fired Replicator blocks. The Daniel Jackson is also able to materialize a computer-generated object, an ability which Thor uses when he materializes the Replicator disruptor after O'Neill designed it while linked with the computer. However it is possible that every Asgard ship has this ability. Later Thor installs a larger variant of this disruptor in his ship which has the ability to destroy every Replicator on a ship or a planet. In terms of size the ship isn't as big as the other two known Asgard ships and has roughly the size of a Ha'tak.
General Characteristics
Class Daniel Jackson
Pulsed energy weapons
Replicator Disruptor
Defense Asgard shields
Power Unknown number of Neutrino Ion generators
The ship was introduced in the Season Seven episode "Fragile Balance", where it (or a ship of similar class) was used by Asgard renegade cloning scientist Loki, who used it to do genetic researches on Earth and especially with Col. O'Neill.

It later appeared in the Season Eight premiere episode "New Order", where Thor revealed the name of the ship. Thor used the ship to watch as the Replicators were pulled into a black hole, which was created when the Asgard destroyed the Hala sun. However some Replicators survived, formed a ship and attacked the Daniel Jackson, which couldn't escape due to the immense gravitational force of the black hole preventing the use of hyperspace engines. Several Replicators then entered the ship when they fired a Replicator block on the ship, which easily bypassed the ship's shields. However Teal'c and Major Carter were able to destroy all of them. Later the ship flew to Earth where it beamed up O'Neill, who was in stasis due to the Ancient knowledge in his mind, so that he would help the Asgard create a weapon against the Replicators. The colonel was able to create a Disruptor weapon which was then incorporated into the Daniel Jackson so that it could destroy all Replicators on the Asgard world Orilla.