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The Ha'tak class of Goa'uld warships are the primary ships of the fleets of the System Lords, characters from the television series Stargate SG-1.
Ha'tak is a general name for this class of ships, as there are many variations. The most common type consists of a superstructure with a large, golden tetrahedron in the center of the ship. The superstructure is where all major functions and stations are maintained, including the bridge (pel'tak) and the cargo bay where Tel'tak transport ships can offload their cargo.

Goa'uld invasions tend to include a Ha'tak bombardment that is meant to either instill fear in the populace and force them to submit to the rule of the 'god,' or completely annihilate them. 

The ships of the Goa'uld are generally believed to be less powerful than Asgard ships of comparable size; however, when Anubis came to power, he brought with him a stronger technology which gave the Ha'taks the shielding technology to survive Asgard attacks and the offensive power to stand up against a Beliskner class cruiser. However, it is not certain if the upgraded Ha'taks completely equal a Beliskner cruiser, as the sole situation where the two came into conflict the Ha'taks had numerical superiority (Two Ha'taks versus a single Beliskner cruiser). It is uncertain how they compare to the newer and more powerful O'Neill class battleship.


General Characteristics


Several Death Glider wings


Staff Cannons




Goa'uld Hyperdrive


Since the collapse of the old order following the Goa'uld defeat at Dakara, the chief users of Ha'taks have been the Free Jaffa military and the Lucian Alliance. The Tok'ra have a few and Ba'al still commands at least several of these.

Although the Goa'uld warships are formidable vessels, their shields proved inadequate to withstand even a single blast from the Ori battleships during the Battle of P3Y-229.

Defensive Technology: The standard Ha'tak vessel is protected by powerful and near-impenetrable deflector shields capable of repelling both conventional, nuclear, and energy weapons. Though vulnerable to offensive attacks of sufficient firepower, such as the weaponry belonging to the Asgard, Tollan, Replicators, and the Ori (And even most inferior weapons fire will gradually wear down any shield under prolonged use), naqahdah-enhanced nuclear-warheads of one-gigaton capacity (1,000 megatons) were unable to even minutely drain the shields belonging to the Ha'tak fleet launched by Apophis against Earth, however those warheads where not confirmed to have actually detonated, but rater "(...) struck some kind of energy field just prior to impact(...)". Additionally as seen in "Enemies" the shields are know to be capable of protecting the ship's crew from lethal radiation for up to 10 hours while hiding in the corona of a blue giant star (without shields the hull alone offer enough protection for one hour). When Anubis came to power, he equipped his fleet with new shields (by using Ancient technology). This shield not only protected the Ha'taks from the Ion cannons used by the Tollans, but also from the weapons of a Beliskner class cruiser used by the Asgard.

Offensive Technology: For launching attacks against hostile targets, whether they be enemy vessels in space or targets on the surface of a planet, the Ha'tak class of ship is equipped with numerous staff cannons of impressive size and firepower. As stated within the season one episode "There But For the Grace of God", the attacking Ha'tak vessels had inflicted damage equal to 200 megatons of explosive force when attacking the US east coast. However when Ha'tak ships are seen attacking ground targets throughout the series the on-screen effects are usually limited to catapulting nearby people into the air or destroying one or two buildings. Whether this apparent discrepancy in power is due to the weapons being variable yield or due to some other unspecified weapon was used against the alternate reality Earth in "There But For the Grace of God" is never explained in the series. The cannons also have the ability to have a person remotely "paint" a target, making targeting and firing at multiple targets even faster.

Fighter complement: More than merely a mobile gun platform, a Ha'tak is also capable of carrying dozens of lighter vessels within its hangars. Scores of Death Gliders are held within, capable of being launched in both space and atmosphere for defense of the mothership and for the assault of distant targets. In addition to the Death Gliders, Tel'tak cargo vessels can be carried for transport of cargo and troops between ships and down to a planets surface. Jaffa, vital for any planetary assault and for the defense of the ship from boarding parties, can be carried numbering in the thousands.

Propulsion, Travel, and Landing: The standard Ha'tak class of ship is able to travel at approximately 32,000 times the speed of light (about 3.65 light years per hour) via hyperspace; this calculation is based on the assertion of the Tok'ra-Tau'ri liaison Jacob Carter, host to Selmak, that a Ha’tak would require 125 years to travel 4 million light years at maximum speed ("Exodus") although it has been said that throughout the show the speed of Goa'uld ships has been increasing. Although capable of transporting troops to the surface of a planet via the standard Ring Transporter, a Ha'tak may also land on the surface of a planet. Though anything pyramidal in shape will do (In two parallel versions of Earth, the Ha'taks have been able to land on Cheyenne Mountain), and even flat terrain will serve in a dire situation, the Ha'tak is designed for easy and efficient landing on top of a properly constructed pyramid, which provides an immovable base for the ship and an easy departure point for the ships occupants.

Visual and Sensor Cloaking: Although no Ha'tak vessels were equipped with a cloaking device when first encountered by the Tau'ri, and no existing technology capable of cloaking a vessel as massive as a Ha'tak was known, when Apophis took over Sokar's fleet all his Ha'taks were equipped with a functional cloaking device. It is unknown who invented this particular variation of the standard cloak, but it is possible that Sokar, who was a very powerful and long-lived Goa'uld, first came up with this new cloaking device. However, the entirety of Apophis's fleet was destroyed soon afterward and no later System Lord, not even Anubis, has been seen to use similar technology.

The SGC came in contact with several variants of the Ha’tak mothership, which vary in size, form, abilities and strength.

Ra's mothership

This variant was the first Ha'tak encountered by the Tau'ri and was commanded by Ra. It consisted of a single pyramid which, when landed upon a planets surface, could open its upper portion for exposure to the outside atmosphere. Aside from this, other specifications about this ship are unknown.

It has been theorized that, with the 'sun roof' serving no practical purpose apart from letting in natural light and a slight breeze, this particular vessel was more of a pleasure craft than a combat ship, serving as Ra's personal yacht rather than warship. Ra's status as the Supreme System Lord possibly made him the sole Goa'uld who was secure enough in his position to travel in anything less than a battleship, explaining why few other Goa'uld have been seen in a similar craft.

Another theory is that Ra, who was fighting a continuous battle with the other System Lords for domination of the Goa'uld, could only spare going to Abydos to collect the Naqahdah with a lower class pyramid ship and not a fully-operational Ha'tak, since his battle fleet was in constant use and unavailable for mere cargo carrying duties.

It is also likely that a combination of the two theories is true, as much of the ship is a mystery and it has not been seen doing anything besides landing and taking off.

Ra's ship was destroyed in orbit around Abydos by a Tau'ri nuclear device that had been ringed aboard by Col. Jack O'Neill during the original film. The only other Goa'uld to have been known (at least visually confirmed in the series) to use a similar if not identical class of ship was Heru-Ur, as shown in the Season 2 episode "Secrets." (the footage of Heru-Ur's ship in this episode was actually footage of Ra's ship reused from the film).

Apophis' Prototype Mothership

On the planet designated PX9-757, Apophis had been building a prototype ship with several advancements over the standard Ha'tak. The ship's power core was encased in trinium and was cooled by a system stemming to all directions on the construction facility. The facility was guarded by shields and Jaffa patrols. With the aid of Atoniek armbands provided by the Tok'ra Anise, SG-1 was able to successfully assault the facility and destroy the ship. It is possible, however, that this ship was simply a first attempt at building the Apophis mothership that was actually constructed.

Apophis' Mothership

This version of a Ha'tak was used as the flagship of the System Lord Apophis before his death at the hands of SG-1. It was bigger than the standard Ha'tak vessels which make up the majority of the fleets of the System Lords and also had stronger weapons, shields, and could travel at higher speeds.

Anubis' mothership

The command ship of the System Lord Anubis is the largest variant encountered by SG-1 and has several times the weaponry of a standard Ha'tak. It has a highly unusual form and isn't divided into two sections. It also does not have the standard pyramid in the middle, being a flat circle of shocking diameter. The first of these ships was equipped with a powerful energy weapon, able to destroy several smaller Ha'taks with one blast and even capable of decimating a planets surface with enough power to destroy a Stargate. However, this weapon was destroyed through the actions of SG-1 and, later, the ship itself was destroyed by the other System Lords when it was in the atmosphere of a planet. During this attack it was revealed that the ship had a small escape vessel which is able to fly in hyperspace.

Anubis attacked Earth in the seventh season finale "Lost City" with a second ship of this variant, along with a fleet of 30 to 45 Ha'taks. The ship and the fleet were destroyed with the Ancient Drone Weapons discovered in Antarctica.