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In the fictional universe of the science fiction TV show Stargate Atlantis, Athos () is a planet in the Pegasus Galaxy and former home of the Athosians.

Like other human populated worlds throughout Pegasus, it was one of the planets culled every few hundred years by the Wraith. There was a large ruined city on the planet and the people appear technologically advanced to the point of pre-industrialism but after the last "Great Attack", they abandoned city living and reverted to an agrarian society to avoid detection by the Wraith. They still retain some advanced technology from the city on Athos (for example, the Fire-starter).

The Athosians moved their camps to confuse invaders, and in the past, were known to use nearby caves to hide in and document the attacks on their planet. Some Athosians possess a very rare genetic trait that enables them to sense the Wraith approaching before they attack.

When the Atlantis expedition arrived searching for a viable evacuation site, the Athosian people are initially suspicious of the strange group that had never heard of the Wraith. Eventually, through Major John Sheppard and Teyla Emmagan, the two peoples connected. Immediately after the Wraith attack, Major Sheppard evacuated the encampment's survivors back to Atlantis. It is unknown if there were any other Athosian villages on the planet.

As a people, the Athosians hold a special reverence for the Ancestors (better known as the Ancients). Although not fanatically worshipped, prayers are often dedicated to them. Many Athosians believe the Atlantis expedition is trespassing on sacred ground by setting up a base in Atlantis, as evident when Halling objects to destroying the city should the need ever arise.

Death is an important cornerstone of the Athosian way of life. Because of the numerous Wraith cullings, an Athosian is considered very lucky if they know when and where they are going to die. In respect of this knowledge, prayers and meditation are performed to allow the dying and their close friends and family to meditate on their life. On the even rarer occasion of a funeral,

Species Human
Homeworld Athos, then Atlantis
Governing body Led by Teyla Emmagan
Alliances as of season 10 Tau'ri
Prior Alliances None
Key episodes "Rising" (first appearance


 the body is put in the middle of a stone ring (a representation of the Stargate). Prayers are said and a song is performed to honor the life of a person who did not die at the hands of the Wraith to celebrate the new journey they undertake with the Ancestors. It is unknown what is done with the body after the ceremony.

In the early morning, the Athosians enjoy a stout tea to brace them for the rest of the day. They eat Tuttleroot soup, a dish that Teyla finds difficult to make.

The Athosians were popular interstellar traders before they evacuated their planet. As a society, they know a great number of Stargate addresses and use them to trade with the people of other worlds. When the Atlantis Expedition first arrived in the Pegasus Galaxy, the Athosians were invaluable in introducing the humans of Earth to the native societies in Pegasus. In the early exploratory missions Athosians accompanied teams to introduce them to other cultures. It was believed however that an Athosian who strongly disagreed with the Earth expedition taking control of Atlantis was leaking the information of the team's location. Dr. Weir was forced to suspend all Gate travel until the leak was found. It was later determined that a necklace worn by Teyla was part of a Wraith signaling device that alerted them to a team's presence on alien worlds. It put a great strain on the friendship between the two peoples and the Athosians felt they had no choice but to move to the mainland to separate themselves from the expedition and start again.

Later, Teyla introduces Major Sheppard and his team to the Genii, apparently a race of farmers. Eventually, Teyla discovers that the Genii are actually a developed civilization living underground and on the brink of creating a nuclear weapon. She is shocked that people she would call friends could keep such a large part of their life hidden for so long from the Athosians.

Like the rest of the native civilizations of the Pegasus Galaxy, Athosians do not possess the ATA gene as the Ancients never interbred with cultures in Pegasus, only the people of Earth. Several bloodlines however have the ability to 'sense' Wraith approaching, due to their possession of Wraith DNA. Of these people, their leader Teyla has the keenest sense currently known. It is believed that the ability comes from a man the Athosians once offered sanctuary to many generations ago. This man, along with several others, had been taken during a Wraith culling and then set free again to their homeworld. The people there believed they were blessed by the Ancestors and celebrated their return. But when he and the others started telling the villagers of dreams they were having about the Wraith and in one or two instances, were becoming homicidal, the villagers exiled the 'blessed'. One man found his way to Athos where it is believed his descendants are those that can sense the Wraith coming because of their mixed Human/Wraith DNA.