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The Genii are a human culture from the TV series Stargate Atlantis living in the Pegasus Galaxy. Although they appear to be simple, Amish-like farmers, the Genii are an advanced, militaristic culture that is technologically equivalent to Earth in the 1940s. The majority of their civilization, which once was a confederation of planets (that used Stargates rather than spaceships because they did not have them), now lives in the vast cavern-cities that exist beneath their planet's surface. They put up their simple front to fool the Wraith, who wipe out the cultures that advance technologically to the point that they perceive them to be a threat.

One of the great endeavors of the Genii has been to perfect a nuclear weapon. With these bombs the Genii hoped to destroy the majority of the Wraith fleet while the Wraith were hibernating. Although they could produce plutonium they couldn't perfect a triggering mechanism. Their plan was ultimately flawed; there were far too many Wraith ships to destroy with a coordinated strike, some of which were completely inaccessible to the planet-bound Genii, being located on planets with orbital stargates.

The Genii's military assets are significant, and they maintain multiple safehouses and military outposts on many Stargate-accessible worlds

Species Human
Homeworld Genii Homeworld, Pegasus Galaxy
Governing body Appears to be a military dictatorship (lead by Ladon Radim)
Alliances as of season 10 Weak alliance with the Atlantis expedition
Prior Alliances None
Key episodes "Underground" (first appearance

across the Pegasus galaxy. The Genii also have a large network of spies and covert informants that allow the Genii a broad understanding of the events in distant parts of the Pegasus Galaxy. Due to the Genii's (relativly) advanced technology, they are desired trading partners to those they reveal their true natures to (eg: the Menarians from The Storm/The Eye).

The Genii and the Atlantis expedition team were briefly allies, going on an offworld mission to steal valuable intelligence from a Wraith hive ship, but the Genii betrayed the team and tried to steal their C-4 explosives, which they believed could help their triggering problems, as well as a Puddle Jumper spaceship. The Atlantis team had brought secret backup, and so escaped back to Atlantis with the Wraith data.

Since then the Genii and the Earth Atlanteans, particularly Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard and Genii Commander Acastus Kolya, have been enemies. On several occasions since then they have crossed paths and fought one another but so far the Earth expedition has prevailed.

A few encounters with the Genii have been peaceful; for example, in an episode an agreement that in exchange for C4 the Atlanteans could use the Genii prototype nuclear weapons to defend Atlantis from an imminent Wraith attack. However, subsequently, in other episodes such as The Storm, Atlantis has killed or captured the Genii or the Genii have attacked and held members of the Expedition hostage.

Recently, Ladon revealed that Cowen had supposedly killed his superior Acastus Kolya, and then tried to kidnap Atlantis team members with the Ancient technology gene and force the Atlantis base to give him ten Puddle-jumpers. Cowen's goal was to fly cloaked Puddle-jumpers carrying nuclear warheads on suicide runs into Wrath Hive-ships. However, Ladon betrayed Cowen, and killed him and his personal bodyguard battalion with a nuclear detonation on an abandoned planet. Ladon (as the new leader of his people) is keeping much more friendly terms with the Atlantis expedition, in gratitude for medical aid the team has been providing for the many Genii, including his sister, who are suffering as a result of their poor understanding of radiation poisoning.

With Ladon as leader of the Genii the relationship to the Atlantis expedition have improved considerably. In Common Ground Ladon and the Genii helped the Atlantis team against a group of renegades led by Acastus Kolya who claims to be the rightful leader of the Genii.