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The Lucian Alliance is a fictional interstellar group for organized crime in the science fiction series Stargate SG-1. Its first appearance was in the Season Eight episode "Prometheus Unbound," but it was not referred to by name until "The Ties That Bind". It has begun to distribute an addictive corn-like crop throughout the galaxy, and played a part in the Battle of P3Y-229.
The Lucian Alliance is an interstellar group of human smugglers and mercenaries that have joined together from many different human-settled worlds across the Milky Way Galaxy to fill the power vacuum created by the demise of the Goa'uld, and have obtained and modified Goa'uld technology for their own use.

When their trade partner Vala Mal Doran does not keep an agreement in their first appearance in season 8's "Prometheus Unbound", she and Daniel are placed on a Lucian Alliance wanted list. The Lucian Alliance is first referred to by name in season 9's "The Ties That Bind" and reappears as a recurring foe in seasons 9 and 10. In the opening episode of Stargate Universe, "Air Part 1", three Ha'tak vessels, which at the time are presumed to be under the control of the Lucian Alliance, attack Icarus Base, forcing its personnel to evacuate through the stargate to the Ancient starship Destiny. The Lucian Alliance also make an appearance in the last three episodes of Stargate Universe, when it is revealed in the episode "Subversion" that Colonel Telford was a spy used to gather information on the Icarus Project, and confirmed that they were responsible for the attack on the Icarus Base. Rush is captured by Kiva, a human commander for the alliance, and uses him to finish the work they had started in creating a wormhole connection with Destiny.


Their fleet is largely made up of Goa'uld ships, consisting of several Ha'tak motherships, Al'kesh, two small cruisers of a previously unseen design (the same ship use Jarlath in Loop of con garat), and a Death Glider defense force, in addition to Tel'tak cargo ships.

The members of the Alliance are not afraid of using military force to get what they want. Their trading partners must be known to them and they most times trade with partners from a loose list of alliances. Although they typically don't trade with strangers, if they get a good offer from an unknown person, they will not pass up the chance to trade.

The Lucian Alliance appeared at first to be growing into a new enemy not only for Earth but also for the new Free Jaffa Nation; however, Teal'c convinced the Alliance to send three Ha'tak motherships for the defense of the galaxy against the Ori in the Battle of P3Y-229.

After their failed attempt to capture the Odyssey, which resulted in the death of Colonel Paul Emerson, Earth has declared war on the Alliance. ("Company of Thieves").

One of their trade partners was Vala Mal Doran, who planned on giving the Alliance a large ship in exchange for weapons-grade Naqahdah. For this purpose she hijacked the Earth ship Prometheus but she was stopped by Daniel Jackson. After this incident she was on bad terms with the Alliance, who then placed her and Jackson on a wanted list. ("Prometheus Unbound")

Nearly one year later two members of the Lucian Alliance named Tenat and Jup try to capture both Vala and Jackson, but their plan is thwarted by SG-1. ("The Ties That Bind")

The Alliance reappeared in "Off the Grid" growing a corn-like crop called kassa, which contains a highly addictive drug and has been distributed across the galaxy. In the episode "Camelot" they would come to help other Milky Way species in the Battle of P3Y-229; the Ori were trying to send a fleet to the galaxy through a Supergate. This cooperation happened thanks to Teal'c. However, the Ori ships came through the Supergate and in the ensuing battle, which included ships of Earth, an Asgard ship, and a number of Ha'taks from the Jaffa, the Tok'ra and the Alliance, two of the Ha'tak ships of the Alliance were destroyed by the powerful weapons of the Ori battlecruisers, and the remaining one was severely damaged and later destroyed by the alliance to prevent its capture.

In 2006, the Lucian Alliance made a failed attempt to capture the Battlecruiser Odyssey, resulting in the death of its commander Colonel Paul Emerson. As a result, the Tau'ri have declared war on the Alliance, something the Alliance was seeking to avoid. The leader of the Alliance, Netan had sent a lieutenant Anateo on what he had hoped would be a fools errand, believing that the Tau'ri were too strong for the plan to succeed. This backfired on Netan as Anateo almost succeeded in taking the ship.

Netan, played by Eric Steinberg (SG-1 seasons 910) The leader of the Lucian Alliance. He first appears in "Off the Grid", trying to intercept Ba'al in stealing Stargates from several planets, including one controlled by the Lucian Alliance. Teal'c approaches the Lucian Alliance for help in attacking the invading Ori battlecruisers in "Camelot", and Netan commits three motherships to the battle. After the big losses during that battle, one of Netan's seconds (Anateo) moves against Netan in season 10's "Company of Thieves", but Anateo's skills and a trick by Mitchell lead Netan to declare war on the people of Earth. After SG-1 makes raids on Lucian Alliance assets in "Bounty", Netan places a bounty on the heads of SG-1 and is implied to die at the hands of another bounty hunter himself when the hunters fail.

Kiva, played by Rhona Mitra (Universe season 1) A human commander in the Lucian Alliance who kidnaps Dr. Nicholas Rush and uses him to finish creating a wormhole connection with Destiny.