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In the science fiction television series Stargate SG-1, the Protected Planets Treaty is an armistice between the Goa'uld and the Asgard in the Stargate universe. The treaty ensures these planets remain free from Goa'uld oppression. With the defeat of the System Lords, the Treaty is no longer in effect.
Protected Planets Treaty
Opened for signature Unknown; Most recent amendment in 1999 in Stargate Command, Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States, Earth
Entered into force At least 1 AD; Most recent amendment in 1999
Conditions for entry into force Armistice between parties; no intervention beyond the protection of the subject planets by either party
Parties Goa'uld System Lords and Asgard High Council


A majority of the information that has been given about the Protected Planets Treaty was given in the third-season episode Fair Game, the same episode in which Earth became protected under the treaty. Planets listed under the treaty can not be attacked by the Goa’uld. The System Lords themselves are held responsible for enforcing the treaty among the Goa'uld, required to insure compliance from lower-ranking Goa'ulds under the threat of punitive action on the part of the Asgard if they do not. However, it seems that this protection from the Goa'uld is the only thing that works in favor of those who are part of it, as the Goa'uld are ensured that no species that is protected by the Asgard is allowed to advance to the point where
Asgard is allowed to advance to the point where they would be a threat to the Goa'uld (as determined by the System Lords, of course), and that no world may be protected from natural disasters through the use of Asgard technology. Also, if any of the terms are violated on any planet, the treaty as a whole becomes void. The main reason that the Asgard are willing to follow these terms is that, although the Goa'uld fear the Asgard, the Asgard are actually bluffing. Despite their shockingly large technological advantage over the Goa'uld, with one Asgard ship capable of single-handedly destroying entire fleets of Ha'tak vessels without sustaining any damage itself, the entirety of their military forces are engaged in a brutal and depressing war with the Replicators and would be unable to protect most of the member planets if the System Lords decided to ignore it. If a single Goa'uld were to rise to power (Like Apophis, Sokar, Anubis or Ba'al), no one can have the power to prevent attacks.
On more than one occasion, the terms of the treaty have, in fact, been bent, broken or ignored.
  • When Earth was originally considered for membership, the System Lords were insistent that they relinquish their Stargate to the Goa'uld, because they already considered them to be a threat. However, members of the SGC were able to discover that Nirrti, one of the three representatives, had developed cloaking technology behind the backs of the other System Lords. This discovery was rewarded by Earth being allowed continued use of its Stargate. Cronus noted that the treaty offers no protection to those who travel off-world, and he states that any SGC personnel captured while exploring will be shown no mercy.
  • In Red Sky, the Asgard informed SG-1 that subsection 424 of the treaty proscribed the accelerated advance of any treaty subject worlds by the Asgard, technologically or culturally - for example intervening in preventing the destruction of the world called K'Tau from a natural disaster. However, they may have intervened to prevent the destruction of K'Tau after SG-1 made an attempt to stabilize the planet's sun. SG-1's plan had a possibility of working, thus allowing the Asgard to give the SGC the credit (and avoiding Goa'uld claims of treaty violation).
  • In one attempt to destroy earth, during 'Fail Safe', the Goa'uld appear to have used a mothership to transport an asteroid into a collision course with the Earth. It appeared to be a natural event, and was never definitively proved to be a hostile attack, and was thus not able to be dealt with by the Asgard.
  • Acknowledging that both the Asgard and Goa'uld circumvent the treaty whenever possible, the treaty provides for the commission of an investigation into the claims of treaty violation. One such investigation was almost commenced when Tanith, acting under the orders of Anubis, coerced the Tollan into launching an attack on the Earth using their unique phase-shifting technology. Unfortunately, without Tollan testimony (Who had been conquered by and possibly exterminated by the Goa'uld) no action could be taken.
  • At a later point, Anubis attacked a planet that was under the treaty and used as an Asgard research station. However, because the treaty was more or less enforced, both the System Lords and the Asgard ignored this infraction.
There are 27 planets that are known to be members, including Earth. However, only five have actually been specifically mentioned.
  • Earth
  • Adara ("Revelations") - An Asgard research station. At one point, the Asgard scientist Heimdall was stationed there in an attempt to solve of problem of the degrading Asgard genome.
  • K'Tau ("Red Sky")
  • PX3-595 ("Shades of Grey")
  • Galara ("Collateral Damage") - This is the first technologically advanced Protected Planet yet seen, other than Earth.