Thank you for visiting STARGATE OPERATIONS: the Home Base of Stargate Fandom. Our teams and squadrons are expanding in scope and growing in numbers. We gladly accept inquiries from prospective members, both standard SG related, as well as, those interested in the various alien races. Please look through our site, the resources, links, and FAQs. Membership is free and limited, and we are glad to share with you and talk about what it takes to enter this exciting group of costumers. With our team/sqdn events, local gatherings, convention involvement, message groups and forums, and online role playing game... STARGATE OPERATIONS is an active and fun-loving group to be involved in.

We hope that you have found our site informative and are drawn to our specialized and conceptualized fan group. If we can help you in costume building, selecting the right prop weapon or source, etc... feel free to contact us. We are always glad to share with fellow fans. 

Take a look at our website and our forums. Complete our Membership Application form and Contact us TODAY to explore the possibilities of joining STARGATE OPERATIONS: the Home Base of Stargate Fandom on this epic adventure! 

So you may be asking...

1. What is the SG Operations: The Home Base of Stargate Fandom?
2. Who are the members of the SG Operations?
3. How does someone join the SG Operations?
4. Are there any requirements one must meet for joining the group?
5. How does someone go about building a SG costume?
6. Are members limited to army-based or military costumes?
7. Does SG Operations only exist online?
8. What does it cost to be a member?
9. Is there a SG Operations message-board-style forum?
10. Does the SG Operations participate in RPGs/LARPs?
11. Does SG Operations have an airsoft or paintball team?
12. Why does SG costumers use airsoft "BB" guns as props?
13. What are the rules for carrying airsoft weapons at cons/events?

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1. What is the Stargate Operations: The Home Base of Stargate Fandom?

The STARGATE OPERATIONS is a fan-group dedicated to ALL forms of SG Fandom. Our costumes articulate both standard SG related costumes, including the Tau'ri Stargate personnel and the different alien races from the series and movies, as well as, a Stargate Special Operations Command themed elite unit with diversified roles and missions. In the world of SG/Atlantis/Universe costuming our group stands out, as we do not follow the conventional... making our very own identity. New members have several Teams & Squadrons within the SG Operations to choose from, and new units are being developed as we grow internationally. There is room here for alien and civilian support costumers, and even NID too! We participate in various forms, besides costuming, to celebrate our interests in Stargate fandom. We offer a unique SG-Operations online role playing game, team events/local gatherings, attending conventions, airsoft events, prop workshops, cookouts/camping events and so much more. Our SG-Operations - Forums helps keep our members in touch with each other and informed with the latest news in SG Fandom. STARGATE OPERATIONS is an active and fun-loving group to be involved in.

 Regional Sectors

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2. Who are the members of the Stargate Operations?

We are a group of Stargate fans who express ourselves in costuming, fandom, collecting, props, team building, role-playing, online and in person communications, SG nights and weekends, and attendance at Sci-Fi conventions. People here are from all walks of life, sharing in a fun relationship based on our mutual love of science-fiction and costuming. There are fans and costumers representing Stargate, Starwars (501st and Rebel Legions), Star Trek, Firefly, Farscape, Battlestar Galactica, Starblazers, Lord of the Rings, Renaissance era, Pirating, and more.

3. How does someone join the Stargate Operations?

First, you have to have a passion for Stargate. You do not have to be an expert on the movie or series, but you do have to express a sincere interest and basic working knowledge or desire to learn more. Second, complete our Membership Application form and send us an e-mail sharing your name, the state or country you live in, your interest in SG fandom and joining our particular group, and any costuming experiences you have had. Third, you must be over the age of 18. Persons with dual memberships are welcome, whether you are in the Sci-Fi Heroes, etc. Send us an email! The CO will contact you, which may lead to acceptance. Then your first official task would become joining the SG-Operations - Forums and introducing yourself.

4. Are there any requirements one must meet for joining the group?

We require full members to be at least 18 years of age, which is obvious due to the nature of the costumes and prop weapons and strictly due to liability issues. Joining the SG-Operations - Forums is a good idea so that communications are possible. While some may enjoy building costumes and props, others find it a daunting prospect, as such participation on the SG-Operations forums is the most crucial aspect of being a member of the fan group... not whether you build a costume or not!!! The more active you are, the better your experience. Being a Stargate fan group, new members are encouraged (but not required) to begin building a SG themed costume. The goal is to have a basic costume within the first year of membership. Costumes can be military, civilian, or alien in nature, as well as from basic to complex. STARGATE OPERATIONS is growing and new members are welcome, no matter their state or country. You might find yourself as the costuming unit DL (designated leader) where you live! It is a lot of fun with few commitments. We reserve the right to deny membership to anyone and to revoke said membership at any time if deemed appropriate by the CO and XO of STARGATE OPERATIONS

Dual Memberships - UPDATED 07/05/10 - We continue to support and accept the idea of dual memberships with other SG Fan Groups. We look forward to a stronger fandom, through communication and interaction between the groups, the entire fandom benefits. We welcome members of any sister fan groups to post freely about their group's efforts and events, and look forward to have such consideration extended back to our group's members while on their sites. We're also open to each group assigning a liaison officer to officially answer questions and/or to direct members to for additional information. Reciprocal site links for any SG fan group are encouraged and will be posted on our website.

If you are the only person in your area, we're happy to grant you an "Outpost" so that you can identify with the overall group and serve as the catalyst to form a Team. With at least four members, a Team can be formed with approval of leadership. A new Team can grow quickly, based on the member's involvement and participation at events. Recruiting friends and fellow SG fans is a lot of fun and makes for awesome experiences on the local level. We're glad to assist you in networking!

We do allow those under the age of 18 to join and participate with SG-Operations, provided that at least one parent or legal guardian is present with them at events and is willing to sign our Waiver Forms to provide written consent for their child's participation. In all such cases, the child is the parent or legal guardian's responsibility.

If you are a SG fan, though not interested in costuming, but still want to be part of our group... there is still a place for you, too!

5. How does someone go about building a SG costume? Also see SG-SOCOM Costumes & Props and STARGATE-Costume Guides...

This can be an affordable process for the basics, to a costly passion for the advanced. We seek to help fellow members find the best costume sources per their budgets. Some call us the "Budget Brigade" in this effort. The basic SG military uniform consists of BDUs, beret or patrol cap or boonie hat if desired as seconds, boots, pistol belt and holster, prop sidearm, and patches. A basic costume only needs a set of new or surplus BDUs, boots, and the SG patches. AFFORDABLE and fun to wear! 

For more advanced costumes, tactical black web gear (drop leg holster, drop leg ammo pouch, combat vest, etc.) can be added. A Kevlar or styled helmet with black covering can be used, adding the black band with rear facing "cat-eyes" and GI issue goggles for a distinct look. Prop small arms, if desired, can include spring-action or AEG airsoft bb guns. 

E-mail us and check out our resource and links page for more information on building your costume. As we've done it, we're happy to share our best priced and most reliable sources with you. Note: woodland, desert, digital or OD BDUs are also accepted with the appropriate patches in place. Desert requires proper color boots/gear. Digital requires Marine details. Members wear from very cannon SG-1 theme costumes to the conceptualized here. Remember... it's about fun and expressing your personal SG fan-ship!

6. Are members limited to army-based or military costumes?

STARGATE OPERATIONS features the opportunity for standard SG related Teams/Sqdns, as well as, SOCOM-themed Teams/Sqdns (Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force). Visit our home page to see the various costuming departments. This also includes combat medical and special services. Civilian based costumers (engineers, archaeologists, historians, linguists, geologists, etc.) and even NID costumes have a place in our group. Aliens, Tok'ra, Wraith or Goa'uld and Jaffa costumes are most welcome here, too! It's up to your own creativity!!!

7. Does SG Operations only exist online?

The members of the SG-Operations primarily communicate via the Internet on our STARGATE OPERATIONS website and SG-Operations - Forums. We do have planned gatherings at conventions and events, SG Weekends, SG-Nights, camping, paintball, airsoft, online chats, etc. Members local to one another often get together on Sunday or Friday nights to watch SG-1/Atlantis/Universe, making it a dinner and a series. SG-Operations is active in attending science-fiction conventions and events where we are involved in costuming and interacting with other fans and guests. Some folks also plan local meetings to see one another and share about it all, or just to hang out. Costume building, cosplay, role-playing, or whatever can openly take place amongst friends here.

8. What does it cost to be a member?

There are no membership dues. There are no required member costs or fees. This is all about having fun in SG fandom and in sharing a love of Sci-Fi. We do have operating and maintenance costs, so we happily accept donations from our members to keep SG-Operations alive and thriving. No fees will ever be charged for participation by our fan group. We also ask that members participate online and if they're interested in SG costuming, to complete a basic SG costume within their first year of membership. E-mail us for info on building your very own costume!

9. Is there a Stargate Operations message-board-style forum?

At this time, we are utilizing SG-Operations - Forums for communications and is for approved members only. 

10. Does the SG Operations participate in RPGs/LARPs/FanFic?

We are proud to host a large and growing FanFic section. Our online role playing game based on the "SG Universe" has been archived. The "Stargate SG-1 Role Playing Game" book powered by Spycraft, AEG 2200, was the base source. We've been really creative with this one and an alternate universe has been entered! Priority one... have fun!!!  For more information, please contact us here.

We also do some LARPs as well, from our airsoft & paintball scenarios to formal LARPs at some conventions.

11. Does SG Operations have an airsoft or paintball team?

We are currently seeking members for official airsoft teams, as we do use these styled-weapons (plastic BBs) as props. With strict guidelines, we work with Con/event staff to carry these (orange tips, unloaded, batteries disconnected, no mock firing, staff inspection, peace-ties, common-sense, etc.). At the SG Weekends, we make full use of the airsoft spring-actions and AEGs that we carry in a fun and supervised SG target range. There have been airsoft and paintball skirmishes, too! Carrying over the SG Operations persona can be a fun addition for those that are involved. Check out our SG-Operations - Forums for more information.

12. Why does SG costumers use airsoft "BB" guns as props?

These prop "weapons" are usually highly articulated replicas, made in either plastic or metal, and can range from the affordable to the expensive respectively. Since these guns have accurate looks, we employ them as props with our costumes. Some members choose to disable the firing mechanisms, while others keep them unloaded or without batteries (AEGs). The plastic props do not fatigue the costumer while wearing them and they make for good replicas for costuming. We respect the individual's choice to carry prop weapons or not. Having civilian roles within our group, there is a place for everyone. One must be of legal age in their state to carry and/or purchase airsoft. At events, members with airsoft as props must be 18 or older and ALL local laws and club/event rules followed at all times.

13. What are the rules for carrying airsoft weapons at cons/events?

This is decided on an individual event basis, as to whether or not they are allowed as part of our costumes and/or displays. SG-Operations leadership works closely with con/event staff to ensure the legality and safe carrying of these realistic props. If allowed, the "above 18 years old" costumer agrees to... keep the prop unloaded of BBs, carry no BBs, remove and/or unhook batteries (AEGs), have no gases (gas operated models), have safety orange tips in place, do not point the weapon or threaten anyone, keep the weapon in its holster or in a shouldered position, allow con/event staff and STARGATE OPERATIONS leadership to inspect the prop for safe carrying, and, if needed, allow for the weapon to be peace-tied. No concealed airsoft is allowed. Some events may refuse to allow the carrying of airsoft as props. If this is the case, then we gladly honor this. We are proud to have a clean track record in the responsible and safe handling and carrying of airsoft guns as props. Any serious violation can result in termination from the event and/or activities, as well as this club and its affiliated groups/projects. 

Have a question not answered here? Send us an e-mail.

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