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In the science fiction television series Stargate SG-1, the Tel'tak is a Goa'uld cargo ship (also referred to as a scout ship or shuttlecraft) capable of hyperspace travel. As an essential part of any Goa'uld fleet, this versatile ship is used most often to transport people or cargo across Goa'uld planetary networks. Although unarmed, transport rings make this vessel a convenient way to navigate the galaxy.

General Characteristics
Defense Shields
Propulsion Hyperdrive
While the primary purpose of the Tel'tak is carrying cargo, it is useful simply as a transport vessel, or for covert operations due to its fairly unassuming nature and versatility. The Tel'tak is divided into two sections: the flight area and the cargo hold by a removable bulkhead separates the two. The flight area contains the flight, navigation, ring transporter controls, escape pods, pilot and co-pilot seat, and the airlock. The cargo area contains the transporter rings. To lock the doors of the hold, a crew member must key in the correct combination of five from six symbols on a keypad on the wall in the cockpit by the doors.
Operating Console

The main navigational console and environmental console is located in the flight deck behind the cockpit and covered by a metal cowl. This is the nerve centre of the vessel and controls the engines, shields, life support and in some of the advanced models, the cloaking device. The cloaking device is available as an optional extra. In the cockpit, the steering console contains a glowing red globe. To make throttle adjustments or directional axis changes, the pilot moves the globe with his or her hands. One person can fly the Tel'tak, though the Goa'uld usually assign a co-pilot for longer missions. Inertial dampeners allow the crew and passengers to remain relatively stable during maneuvers.

Escape Pods

In the event of a Tel'tak cargo ship coming under attack from enemy fire or careering out of control, the crew can remove themselves from danger using the complement of escape pods. The pods, housed in the ship's flight deck, are roughly the size as a coffin or small sarcophagus. If the situation should require it, a crew member can enter a pod, which are located along the removable bulkhead, and close it from the inside. The pod is then ejected at a great velocity from the Tel'tak on a predetermined trajectory. It has inertial dampeners and limited life support capabilities to ensure the relative comfort of the passenger. Typically, a Tel'tak cargo ship carries four escape pods.

Cloaking Device

Some Tel'tak carry a cloaking device which allows the ship to become invisible to the naked eye, as well as most sensors. Anubis, using Ancient technology, was able to see through the cloak.

Self Destruct

Although there are no weapons on board the Tel'tak, it does contain a manual self destruct mechanism, which can be activated from the navigation console. During the countdown, light symbols around the console indicate the time remaining. Once the countdown to self destruction has begun the procedure can only be halted by inserting the three small delmacs/crystals into the console to override the command.