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In the science fiction television series Stargate SG-1, The Trust is a shadowy interplanetary terrorist group composed of rogue ex-NID operatives and the international business and political cabal which funds them. After NID reformation efforts were instigated by NID agents such as Malcolm Barrett, the leading shadow group entitled the "Committee" was exposed and incarcerated. As a result, its off-world cells reorganized and were eventually taken under the control of the Goa'uld. While the agenda of the shadow group remains as the unscrupulous procurement of alien technology, development of weapons, and gathering of intelligence for the defense of Earth, The Trust is linked to several individuals and corporations which wish to exploit alien technology for financial gain and is now completely outside of the law.
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In the season 8 episode Endgame the Trust used Tok'ra symbiote poison to attack several Goa'uld worlds, resulting in millions of Jaffa casualties, including a world under the control of rebel Jaffa, and the death of at least one Tok'ra agent. SG-1 infiltrated and disrupted their operation, forcing their operatives to flee Earth in a stolen Al'kesh. They attempted to continue attacking Goa'uld targets from the Al'kesh, but at some point were infiltrated or captured by Goa'uld and taken over. They returned to Earth and apparently compromised the remainder of the Trust's organization, providing an immediate power base for the Goa'uld. In "Full Alert" they manage to put a Goa'uld symbiote into former Vice President Robert Kinsey. They tried to put Earth in a nuclear war after compromising Russian General Kiselev three years earlier with another symbiote so the Goa'uld can come in and claim the Ancient outpost in Antarctica. However, politics were able to stop the war and the trust agents on the Al'kesh were destroyed by Prometheus. When Ba'al fled from the victorious Jaffa Rebellion, he came to Earth and apparently took over The Trust's international network. The Trust does not appear again until season nine, in "Ex Deus Machina".

The Trust appears again in the Stargate Atlantis season two episode "Critical Mass" when they use an operative to plant an explosive device in the City of Atlantis. General Landry and Agent Barrett work together in an attempt to stop the Trust from executing their plan and destroying the city. However, they lose contact with the city, mid-investigation.

This shows that the Trust has an amazing amount of power on Earth and that no organization is safe from them. They were able to learn of Atlantis, turn Colonel Steven Caldwell into a Goa'uld host and even use memory tampering technology on Agent Barret of the NID. They also have methods of intercepting and deciphering secure Air Force communications. It was hoped that the capture of Ba'al would have allowed the NID to finally destroy the Trust but still it remains a powerful force on Earth.

Ironically, the fall of the System Lords may mean that the Trust is the most powerful Goa'uld organization in the galaxy. Since Ba'al's arrival on Earth, however, it has not meant any significant change in the identity of the most important Goa'uld in the galaxy.