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In the fictional Stargate universe, the Wraith Dart is a small, fast, one-man space vessel used by the Wraith, usually for culling.



General Characteristics


Pulsed energy weapons
Size: The Wraith Dart is roughly the size of a Puddle Jumper (although they seem to be longer), and thus they have the ability to fit through a Stargate.

Weapons: The only weapons which a Dart houses are two forward firing energy weapons that fire in short bursts, similar to bullet rounds, but much more powerful. A head on, direct hit with a burst from the Dart's energy weapons is capable of destroying a Puddle Jumper instantly. They do not possess guided weapon systems of any variety, meaning that they are at a great disadvantage when combating Atlantis Puddle Jumpers (Which possess weaponry which will target and maneuver to impact a hostile ship) or missile-armed F-302s. Darts also come equipped with a self-destruct, and can be equipped for deep-penetration reconnaissance missions as seen in "The Brotherhood".

Defensive systems: In terms of defense the Darts are very weak: they have no shields and seem to be built out of a relatively weak material since it has been proven that light machine gun fire from a M249 SAW is enough to cause a Dart to crash land. A brush with the shield of a Daedalus Class Battlecruiser is also enough to cause the destruction of a Dart.

Culling beams: Because the main mission role of a Dart is to cull humans, they are equipped with transport beams that sweep over the ground dematerializing every person which comes into the beam without harming them. The people are stored in an energy form, due to size constraints in the Dart and can be later rematerialized. People rematerialized usually lose their consciousness. It has, however, been shown that people who have Wraith enzymes in their body don't lose their consciousness if rematerialized. The beams have also been used to transport Wraith soldiers to and from the surface of a planet, serving as a troop transport in addition to a culling craft.

Cockpit: Because the Darts are built to fly through a Stargate they are equipped with their own DHD like a Jumper to dial the nearest Stargate. Also, the canopy seems to be some sort of energy field that protects the pilot and becomes completely opaque. To fly it, the canopy is also used as a giant HUD projected on the roof of the cockpit that shows all information needed to fly the Dart.

Construction: Like their other ships, the Wraith Dart has an organic design. If the canopy isn't activated, the area around the cockpit looks like if it is built out of bones.

Docking process: When the Dart approaches a Hive ship, it automatically activates an autopilot which flies the ship until it lands rather like Puddle Jumpers do when approaching Atlantis or a Stargate to allow for smooth docking. If the Dart has something stored in its storage device, the Dart gives the pilot the option of rematerializing the cargo.

The primary mission role of a Dart is the culling of humans for the Hive ships. They usually are dispatched through a Stargate or start from the larger ships if needed. If they reach the targeted area they use their culling beams to collect as many people as possible, which are later rematerialized on the Hive ships or on other locations if needed. Each Hive ship contains hundreds of Darts which are dispatched during a culling run or battle.

If necessary the Darts can also be used as fighters to fight against other ships of similar size or to attack a bigger target in large swarms. In battle they use their energy weapons but also their culling beams. The culling beams can be used to beam away enemies from the ground or to beam Wraith soldiers directly to the attacking target. This was used to overwhelm the anti-air weapons of Atlantis in "The Siege (Part 3)" and to scan an area, presumably for life forms to be transported aboard. If their Hive ship is destroyed during an attack, all the Darts of the ship start a kamikaze attack upon hostile targets in the area.