STARGATE OPERATIONS, the Home Base of Stargate Fandom is a fan group dedicated to ALL forms of SG Fandom. Our costumes articulate both standard SG related costumes, including the Tau'ri Stargate personnel and the different alien races from the series and movies, as well as, a Stargate Special Operations Command themed elite unit with diversified roles and missions. In the world of SG/Atlantis/Universe costuming our group stands out, as we do not follow the conventional. New members have several Teams & Squadrons within the SG Operations to choose from, there is even room for alien, civilian, and the NID members! We participate in various forms, besides costuming, to celebrate our interests in Stargate fandom. We offer a unique SG-Operations online role playing game, team events/local gatherings, attending conventions, airsoft events, prop workshops, cookouts/camping events and so much more. Our SG-Operations - Forums helps keep our members in touch with each other and informed with the latest news in SG Fandom.

Visitors and Members: The site will be temporarily offline to allow for some much needed maintenance. Effective today, June 28, 2018, we are suspending new member applications to avoid losing the information needed to generate the member record. Current members: if you have changed your email or lost your password, please send an email to Chief Bugga so she can assist you with the issue as databases are updated. All files have been downloaded at this time and saved to a dedicated offline hard drive. Databases will be refreshed during the maintenance cycle. The cycle will include making sure we are in compliance to the extent humanly possible with Privacy Laws that have taken effect since our last major maintenance cycle.





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